Our Donors

We are grateful to the Claude Leon Foundation for their on-going support of our National School Science Essay Competition and Horwath, Zeller & Karro  – our excellent Chartered Accountants who keep the Society on a straight financial path.
The Society is funded almost entirely from Fellowship and Membership subscriptions – so thank you one and all for your ongoing support.

Donations 2016

Mr Charles Skinner
Prof Richard Dingle
Dr R Bigalke
Nick Starke
Dr Andrew Galwey
Prof. Slim Abdool Karim
Prof. Quaraisha Abdool Karim
Prof Jane Carruthers
Prof L Cornish
Dr Vere Shannon
Prof Richard Viljoen
Prof Morris Viljoen
Mr R G Batson

Donations 2015
Mr Charles Skinner MRSSAf
Prof Richard Dingle FRSSAf
Dr R Bigalke FRSSAf
Prof Denis N Jumban MRSSAf
Dr D M Kroon MRSSAf
Nick Starke MRSSAf
Dr Andrew Galwey FRSSAf
Prof M le Roes-Hill MRSSAf

Donations 2014
Dr R Bigalke FRSSAf
Prof E J Carruthers FRSSAf
Dr F D Richardson MRSSAf
Prof. D A Cowan FRSSAf,
Prof. R Raab FRSSAf
Prof John Sharpey-Schafer MRSSAf
Mr Nick Starke MRSSAf
Prof. Slim Abdool Karim FRSSAf
Dr Andrew Galwey FRSSAf
Prof C A Dominquez FRSSAf
Mr R P Milbank MRSSAf
Mr Jason Hemingway : Student Member

A big thank you to our Donors below and to those wishing to remain anonymous, your generosity has been quite overwhelming:
Professor P E Spargo FRSSAf, University of Cape Town
Em.Professor E H Harley FRSSAf, University of Cape Town
Mr C Skinner, Head of Group Exploration, De Beers Group
Dr F D Richardson, Hon.Research Assoc. Dept of Maths, UCT
Dr G S  Watermeyer, Onrust River, Cape
Mrs P A Bean, Claremont, Cape
Professor M Kew FRSSAf, Department of Medicine, Groote Schuur Hospital
Dr Andrew Galwey, Ireland
Professor R van Zyl-Smit, Rondebosch, Cape
Professor M Viljoen FRSSAf, ex University of the Witwatersrand
Professor P E Folb FRSSAf, ex University of Cape Town
Mr M Read Hon.MRSSAf, Director of Everard Read Gallery
Professor H P Laburn FRSSAf, School of Physiology at WITS
Professor O Babalola, Dept of Biological Sciences, North West University – Mafikeng Campus
Professor R Dingle FRSSAf, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Dr R Bigalke FRSSAf, ex University of Pretoria
Professor C Brink FRSSAf, Vice-Chancellor, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
Professor D Cowan FRSSAf, Department of Genetics, University of Pretoria
Professor R Raab, School of Chemistry & Physical Sciences, University of Kwazulu – Natal











Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Development) Univ of Kwazulu – Natal