Gobabeb Expedition 2012 Report


Report on the RSSAf Field Expedition to Gobabeb, Namib Desert

In late April 2012, Don Cowan (President, FRSSAf) and Marla Tuffin (MRSSAf) of the UWC Institute for Microbial Biotechnology and Metagenomics led a 22-strong UWC-NASA team, under the banner of the Royal Society of South Africa, on a 7 day field expedition to the Namib Desert. The NASA team was led by Dr Chris McKay, a world-recognized astrobiologist from the Ames Research Centre at Moffet Field, CA, under the auspices of the NASA global outreach program, Spaceward Bound. The core team was strengthened by participation of Prof Ed Rybicki (FRSSAf) from UCT and Prof Brian Jones, a visiting scientist from Genencor International.

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