Fragments of RSSAf History

A regular feature on the Royal Society of South Africa website contributed by Jane Carruthers FRSSAf in which a brief biography, scientific event, institution, or notable occasion relevant to the Society will be featured.


The Science of Sewage - Delta Sewage Works

RSSAf founder : Henry Selby Hele-Shaw (1854-1941)

The ‘Battle of Dongola’ and the Mapungubwe National Park

Royal Society of London

Science in South Africa 1905 - a book review!

A PERSONAL DRAMA : Basil Schonland: Physicist Seeks Employment After World War II

The Making of a South African Botanist: Margaret Levyns. President of the Royal Society of SA 1962/1963.

G. Evelyn Hutchinson, world renowned ecologist & Foreign Assoc.of the RSSAf, 1986

Phillip Tobias

Phillip V. Tobias and the Bushman Hunter-Gatherers’ (1964)

The story of the Coat-of-Arms
of the Royal Society of South Africa

Dorothea Bleek, San Rock Art and the Royal Society of SA

South African Field Guides of the 1940s : (above) Plate 6 of Roberts Mammals by Pierre Smit

Cape Town’s Electricity Supply
1870 -1930

Lester Charles King and Geomorphology in SA

Remembering Frank Nabarro SA’s most renowned & decorated theoretical physicist

What’s in the Air? Eric Halliday, Lightning And Air Pollution"

South African Universities – a historical perspective

Royal Society of Victoria, Australia

A Question of Trout - Conservation Science and Exotic Species

‘Stacey’ Skaife FRSSAf: Versatile Scientist, Public Intellectual, Influential Educator, Detective Fiction Author

2017 Chapter Two

2017 Chapter Two

John Evelyn : Founding Member of the Royal Society of London

2017 Chapter Three

2017 Chapter Three

The Anthropocene

2017 Chapter Four

2017 Chapter Four

The story of Andrew Smith: Medical Doctor, Zoologist, Explorer, Spy …......

Chapter Five 2017

Chapter Five 2017

Mary Elizabeth Barber (1818-1899)
An Early South African Citizen Scientist