Statutes and Standing Orders

The Statutes of the Royal Society of SA cover areas such as :

  • Constitution, Aims and Objects
  • Election and Admission of Fellows, Honorary Fellows and Honorary Members;
  • Admission of Members and Student Members ;
  • Payment of Subscriptions
  • Death, Resignation or Ejection of Fellows, Honorary Fellows, Members and Student Members
  • Medals
  • Election of President, Officers and Council
  • The President and Vice-President
  • The General Secretary
  • The Treasurer
  • The Editor and Publications
  • Meetings of the Society, Council and Branch Committees
  • Standing Orders of the Society
  • The Making, Amending, and Repealing Of Statutes
  • Winding up of the Society

To download a copy of the latest version of the Statutes & Standing Orders, updated in 2016 : StatutesStandingOrders2016